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Why Certify?

Recovery Residence Certification: The Gold Standard.

What does it mean to be a certified recovery residence, and why is it important? In 2011, several states came together to form the National Alliance for Recovery Residences ( ) and create a national Standard for recovery residences. Until that time there was no oversight or objective measure for quality in the industry often referred to as sober homes. In most states peer-based supportive living residences are not required licensure due to the non-clinical nature of the setting. But without accountability or oversight residential communities can be at increased risk for ethical lapses that compromise the individual and community’s recovery experience.

NARR has grown to encompass 34 states and thousands of providers nationally. NC-ARR takes pride in being one of the original state affiliates offering a voluntary certification for providers in North Carolina. Completing a thorough review process, certified members evidence adherence to the national Standard for recovery residences demonstrating quality in administrative operations, recovery support provided, and healthy internal and external community interactions. Families and individuals served can have increased assurance of integrity in the residential provider who voluntarily seeks recognition of quality operating practices from the professional peer community. Certified providers are inspected in all facets of operation and have many opportunities to network and have continuing education with the peer community. Additionally, all certified providers are subject to additional review should there be a grievance, therein giving the individuals served recourse should there be a questionable issue in the residential experience.

NC-ARR is North Carolina’s certifying body for NARR. We are a small but growing non-profit organization committed to providing support for recovery communities at all care levels offering quality residences that meet the national Standard. Individuals and their families as well as referents from higher levels of the care continuum have a valuable resource for a gold standard of care in the NC-ARR community.

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